Spiritual Immunizations

As I took my children to get there immunization shots for school yesterday my daughter asked me if it would hurt in which I replied that it would be a quick pinch and it would be all over. She looked at me and asked me if I was sure she nee...ded one and if there was a way of not having to get one. I told her that the law requires her to have it done so that she may go to school. I was then asked if I liked being mean? I told her it was not my intent to harm her but to help her now so that down the road something much worse could be avoided.
I realized at that moment that we can be this same way with God. Asking why are we in this situation? Is there ever going to be light at the end of the tunnel? Why God if your good are you letting me struggle? We have to remember it is not God’s intent to harm us as in (). He is simply giving us an immunization shot to help us from ourselves. There are things in this life time that will test the foundation of your faith. God is like a teacher in a test He might seem quiet while during your testing but He is there working on your behalf. God at this time gives us immunization from that situation we face so that when that situation tries to come back it should have no effect. If we look in () it tells us to consider it pure joy when we go through trials of many kinds. The rest tells us it is for making us stronger.
Today whatever trial or situation you are facing know that God is in control. You are strong and you will be refined. You may have a few scratches even scars now but you will be refined as gold. Let no situation hold you back from being who God created you to be. You were meant for greatness.

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