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In The Christian Reader, Robert Duran of Bethany Fellowship Missions writes of his return to one mission station.

Our horses carefully picked their way along the rock-strewn path. Finally, after two hours of travel by truck and eight hours on horses, we could discern the outlines of the small Huichole village in Mexico. We looked forward to seeing friends we had made in this remote village during three years of visits----most of all, Pastor Alfredo.

First to notice our arrival, the dogs and children loudly brought the news to all those indoors. Huicholes are patient and shy, But one woman, Maria Teresa, beckoned us to her door. Her husband, Santo was sick and wanted to see us. Their low-walled, thatch-roofed house was built of stone with no windows. Santo lay on a bed made of blankets, which hardly raised him off the dirt floor. He greeted us weakly and was caught by a spasm of coughing.

The first time we had met, three years earlier, a villager had led us to Santo, one of their most feared witch doctors. Before we could introduce ourselves, he shook my hand and said, "Robert, I have been waiting for your visit."

Surprised, I asked, "How did you know my name?"

His reply was, "The guiding spirits left me yesterday. They told of your coming and that they could not stay while you were in the village."
Now, after many visits to the village, and to Santo's home, eighteen people had become followers of Jesus Christ.
Today Santo was happy to see us, and he wanted to talk. "Allow me to pray that I might receive Jesus Christ and follow him," we heard him say, Joyfully, We asked if he was willing to confess his sins and receive Christ as Savior. He nodded. Three times I began prayer, but Santo could not get the words out of his mouth. Finally, after we commanded demonic spirits to leave his body, Santo was able to pray.

Just three months later, Santo's wife told us that one morning, Santo had risen from his sleeping mat and asked for food. She made him tortillas and as he ate, he told neighbors gathered in his house, "This is my last meal. Tonight Pastor Roberto's God is coming to take me to his hours." That night he passed into eternity, a Christian saved and transformed by God's grace.

The Kingdom of God is greater than the powers of darkness.

Demons, Exorcism, Occult
Matt. 16:18; Acts 16:16-18; 2Cor. 10:3-5; Eph. 6:10-20; 1 John 4:4