Staff Assignments and Information about us.

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Staff Assignments and Information about us:


A Helper is chosen for staffing as an observer and is selected by the Moderator team after being nominated. A Helper's jobs are: (1) Greeting newly arriving members who post in the New Member Welcome area. (2) Reporting any postings that are in violation of our Regulations to ANY degree. As Helpers gain experience as a Team member, they get to know what to look for by discernment. We make certain that Helpers read and understand all of our Rules so they know what to look for in others. (3) Giving feedback in the Helper Staff Area Threads regarding opinions about the disciplinary measures that are discussed. The Helper's discussion Area can be used to discuss issues with specific members. Reporting their posts is a first step. Then a member discussion can be started in the staff area. (4) Being observant and using discernment to see posting trends that start to go bad... demeaning, bickering and superiority postings are usually brought to the attention of the entire staff by starting a new thread in the Helper's discussion area, with their observations after reporting the post that really got their attention.
There are other things that Helper's can help with at the discretion of the Administrative Staff and the Moderation Staff on a case by case basis which may include:
Ideas for various areas of the forum regarding content and decor.
Assisting new members in navigating.
Offering prayers for those posting in the Prayer Request area.

Moderator Assistant
Moderator Assistants do the work of Helpers but also act as an extra set of eyes in monitoring Forum operations and reporting directly to Senior Moderators and the Administrator with any observations or issues that may need attention.

Moderators work all Reports according to moderation protocol. Moderators may close threads and remove posts for staff review. Moderators maintain a presence in the forums, post staff messages to diffuse situations in threads, and bring issues to the attention of the Senior Moderators. Moderators may work with Senior Moderators in their specific categories and forums as needed.

Senior Moderators & Staff Trainer
Senior Moderators are Mods that have proven they are hard-working and dedicated to their job. Moderators will be assigned to the Sr. Mod role when the Administrator feels they are ready, deserve to be in that spot, and will be a great help in that area. Moves to the Sr. Mod position will be approved by the Administrator. Senior Mods serve as mentors for the newly graduated Moderators. Sr. Mods guide these new Mods in all aspects of their jobs, provide support, and help them increase their skills. They maintain a presence in the forums, post staff messages to diffuse situations in threads, and use Mod tools in the forums when required. In addition to working reports and mentoring, Sr. Mods discuss Report related issues brought to them by the administrator, and bring any issues they encounter back up the ranks as well. The staff trainer is responsible for providing staff training at all levels and to provide refresher training as needed.

Technical Support
Appointed staff members that oversee the forums technical and operational performance. This includes: software, glitch fixes, compatibility issues, member account issues, member account modification and forum wide maintenance.

Administrators are responsible for the hiring and firing of CFS staff. They mentor the Sr. Mods. They mediate staff issues and staff complaints. They respond to elevated Reports, Report appeals and Forum issues as well as resolve member complaints. They work together on forum and staff development.

If any general members would like to become a staff member, the prerequisites are at least 6 months of continuous membership with no posting warnings on your record, at least 50 quality, meaningful posts, be at least 21 years of age and provide your authorization for the Senior Moderator Screening Committee to do an internet background check. Please contact any Senior Moderator by PM for additional details.

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