Stand fast

Hello there,

'Not to the strong is the battle,
not to the swift is the race,
but to the true, and the faithful
victory is promised, through grace'

I don't know how accurate my remembrance of the words of the hymn, quoted above, is, but it says what I want to say very well. For I see the battle being waged between flesh and spirit before my eyes: both on the forum, and in my experience in daily life.

However, I have been reminded this morning that the armour which God has provided is for those who are 'standing', facing the enemy, confident that though the battle is still being waged, the victory is already won. For we are to stand, with our armour on, and see the salvation of our God.

Christian witness, and fellowship, will always be under attack by the enemy of our souls. Every attempt to discredit the work of God, in Christ, will be made: but we are called to 'stand', rejoicing in the victory that has already been won, filled with thanksgiving and praise.

We are to submit ourselves to God, only then can we resist the enemy, standing under the banner of love, in Christ. So let's encourage one another to remain true and faithful, to God our Father, in Christ Jesus our Lord, by His Spirit, for He is Faithful.

Praise His Name!

In Christ Jesus