Starting or joining a bible study group

I would like to ask what you think about starting an "non-live forum-based bible study group". Sorry for that word monster. What I mean is, I have personally participated a lot of bible study groups over the past 20 years, where at least in one third of cases I was co-leader and in one third of cases the primary leader of the group, and in many different occasions, as a student, staying abroad, as part of church, etc.
Presently we have a small bible study group which meets digitally via video conference.

What I have in mind is not a "live" physical nor a digital bible study group, but a forum-based "non-live" bible study group. I have no experience if this is feasable or if it exists already. It would be quite different from a regular forum-style. Because in a bible study group there should be a concrete plan e.g. to read systematically through a book of the bible. Also there can only be a certain number of participants. Also, the discussions would need to be more strongly moderated to achieve a certain "goal" during one session, e.g. to stop endless discussions or if there is a conflict to moderate.

I could imagine that if one agrees on a certain book of the bible and reads every week one chapter and discusses it forum-based during one week, then this should work. Then, next week one starts a new chapter, one discusses again during one week, etc.
It would be similar to a weekly live meeting, but with the difference that it is forum-based, that means every participant can read and reply whenever he or she has time. But apart from that it would nevertheless be like a real small group.
What do you think? Or is there such a non-live bible study group which I could join?



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If you scroll down the main CFS page to the "Learning" area, you will see a topic called "Bible Study".

Feel free to start your own study series in that area. We only ask that the HEADER of each thread that you start should include the name of the Book of the Bible that the thread will be dedicated to.