Strange Weather


The above photos shows the fire that's going on right now on the reservation. It started on July 10 and has burned 2 structures so far. From my house, I can see the fire. Pretty scary stuff. Everybody's running around like chickens late for feeding time. There's helicopters and planes flying around in the sky. The frequency scanner radios are going nuts!

Keep us in your prayers, wouldja? Thanks!;)
Forgot to mention...the above photo was taken just a while ago from the front door of my office!:eek:

Hee hee hee! It's incredible. But I have no fear at all. None!:D
He’s just fine…

He’s been hanging out on the tree swing in his front yard drinking lemonade and watching the fire.

Hee hee hee… :D :D :D

I do hope everything is ok brother. :groupray: