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i have noticed people ask why non christians are not there a way for them to read the posts for a while,or have a trial period in limited numbers to see if they are interested.


You took the words out of my mouth Brother. All are free to read but you must be Christian to post.


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Reply for Michael:

Other Christian based forums have experimented with that forum feature, but unfortunately, the access has been used by spammers and bashers to infiltrait forums and to mine membership data, bash members and cause significant problems.

That is the primary reason that CFS disallows non-Christian members (except in very rare cases - and on a case by case basis.) We maintain order here and those persons who do register falsely to creat havoc - have their IP address logged, are banned and their ISP is notified of their activities. Some false registrants have lost their ISP provided intenet connection as a result of their lying, bashing and mining of data. The Staff here at CFS takes this matter very seriously and the tools that we use to maintain order are some of the very best available.

There is a Forum Feedback Form that any non-Christians can use to request a trial membership once they give a reason and are evaluated by the Administration. Again, this is done on a case by case basis, but it does happen now and then. There have been several cases where non Christians have spoken with CFS members here while on probation and have received enough solid, scriptural information from our established members to be saved through their acceptance of Jesus Christ.

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In our experience, your suggestion of letting non-Christians in for trial period wont work.
Although, we will consider special request submitted via Contact Us page.