Sunday is Coming!!!

Today is Friday. Some call it "Good Friday". It is the day in times past that Jesus died on the cross.
ON that Friday, things looked really bad, really bad!

1). On that Friday the disciples faith was so weak that they did not even show their faces in public.
2). On that Friday, Jesus was given over to the Romans who took turns beating Him.
3). On that Friday they made Him carry His own cross through the streets of Jerusalem.
4). On that Friday He was whipped with a leather strap with bones tied into it.
5). On the Friday they nailed His hands and feet to that old rugged cross.
6). On that Friday they hung a sign on Him that read, "This is the king of the Jews".
7). On that Friday the sins of the world were laid upon Him.
8). On that Friday Jesus cried out, "IT is finished" and died.
9). On that Friday the earth quaked and the sun refused to shine.
10). On that Friday, Jesus was laid in a borrowed tomb.


Sunday dawned and the whole world changed.

1). On Sunday the Father demonstrated His love for His Son by raising Him from the dead!!!!
2). On Sunday Jesus walked out of the tomb with His head held high as He finished His work!!!!
3). On Sunday the Resurrection showed that the battle was over and Christ had won!!!
4). On Sunday the devil was defeated along with death, sin, hell and the grave!!!
5). On Sunday Jesus appeared to His disciples and their faith was transformed!!!
6). On Sunday the light of the world overshadowed the darkness of sin.
7)On Sunday the redemption of humanity was validated and confirmed.


What is the point here to be made. The assumption to be made is that this is a Christian web site and many if not most are Christians who read this stuff. BUT how many of us have friends and loved ones who are still living in the fear of Friday????

Some of us are, or at least know of others who are living in grief, sin or feel abandoned and discouraged. To them it is Friday everyday.

But The good news is that in just THREE days it will be SUNDAY! What you and me and them need is what Jesus purchased for us on that cross of that Friday. SALVATION!

Jesus paid the price for our sins so that we could choose to be saved from the judgment to come.
Jesus rose from the dead on Sunday to seal the deal and confirm our salvation.

Tell someone about this wonderful opportunity today. Invite someone to church on Sunday and then call your pastor and tell him to preach on Sunday like your friends life depends on his message-------because it does!!!

Than God for SONDAY!!!! And all of god's people said......................