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When people are broken emotionally, they need others to support them until they can stand again.
Medical researchers have developed a bone-bonding compound that illustrates the help we can give others.
The chemical compound looks like toothpaste. Once injected into the body, it hardens in ten minutes. In twelve hours it reaches the compression strength of natural bone.

A study in the journal Science found the compound virtually identical to natural bone crystals. The compound so closely resembles real bone that the body does not reject it. Weeks after being injected into the body, the cement is replaced by real bone.
According to the Associated Press, clinical trials "show the material has allowed patients to discard casts early--or altogether--and to resume walking more quickly and with less pain."

In the same way, our encouragement enables others to overcome their pain and walk with the Lord.

Brokenness, Encouragement, Ministry, Weakness
Gal. 6:2; 1 Thess. 5:11