Sweet opportunity to minister to soldiers...

Sweet opportunity to minister to soldiers...

Anyone in the States who has a Family Christian Store nearby, there is an AWESOME opportunity to witness to soldiers in Iraq!!

I was in there a day or so ago to get my husband a "back to work gift" (he's a teacher and I thought a new CD to listen to on the way to work would help his heart prepare for the opportunity he has every day to reach the hearts of children), and when I was at the checkout counter, they told me about their current outreach project.

It works like this: you pay $11.97 for the current CD by Casting Crowns, and it's sent to a soldier in Iraq, in a HUGE shipment from the store. In return, on August 28, when the new release from Casting Crowns comes out, you get it, FREE!

How cool is that? It's like you get to share the love of God with others who are away from their family, most likely going through one of the most trying times of their lives, and to boot, you get a reward, too.

I thought it was a great idea, and signed right up!!