Take back your rights

Take back your rights

You are stripped of your rights every time you sign any type of contract that contains a Binding Mandatory Arbitration (BMA) clause.
And you have already signed many contracts containing BMA clauses. Each time you signed, you gave away your constitutional right to use the American court system to solve a disagreement, no matter how important the disagreement. Go here and take action!


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I read a book on actual cases of business arbritation. I was so impressed with the fairness and the common sense approach to settling disputes that I would rather have AAA arbitrators (American Arbitration Association) settle any legal dispute I was involved in rather than the courts, which in my opinion have often been unjust, manipulated, and corrupt.

Our court system is filled with activists and ideologues who manipulate the system and change the laws by interpretation. Unfortunately, the AAA is restricted to business - I wish they would include criminal and civil cases as well. If they did OJ would be in jail already. His trial was rigged - you know.