Takers and Givers

We all know the "servanthood" principle, (those of us who are students of Scripture anyway) and try to do our best to fulfill that in our marital relationships.

We ALSO know that we are still "human," and have failings that can mess things up. Both of us; husband or wife.

When someone makes a statement like the following.........what does it bring to your mind, from a Biblical perspective when you read it:

"the taker will get bored when the giver gives away their self respect"

What does it say to you about the roles we occupy IN that relationship, and how it is supposed to function?

I'm struck by the idea of a "taker." We all know what that word and its context in the statement means; and I'm sure we all would jump on THAT right away, to say that anyone who is following Christs' example is not living the life of a "taker."

What ELSE strikes you about that statement? Anything?

Bit puzzled..i think from a christian perspective we can be both happy recipients and also givers, passing on Gods love to others.

Takers to me are like thieves. And thieves are not good in the Bible!!