Taliban Terrorists Going To Be Released In Trade

I was just thinking about this and how it is pretty obvious these guys are going to go back to becoming terrorists, I mean why wouldn't they? They have even more reason to hate the US now. What if instead of us giving Guantanamo Bay prisoners more reason to hate the US we started acting like what we represent. For example, one thing that I think would be a great idea is to get pastors into Guantanamo to try to convert the Jihad's. It's pretty obvious they live off of religion, they were just manipulated by the devil. I'm not defending them, but heck these guys probably went through a lot of messed up stuff when they lived in the Middle East and considering that the majority of people in the Middle East are raised Muslim it doesn't seem too hard to become a Jihad. Anyways, I just think we have to let go of this thought that we are allowed to torture these people for what they did and instead try to be different from them. But even if they did become converted Christians I still don't think we should let them free because they do deserve to be punished for what they did and we definitely shouldn't be less careful with them because for all we know they could be faking it. Anyways that's my thoughts.
We are releasing some of them for a soldier.
the last part where I said I don't think we should let them free didn't have to do with the story. It was a hypothetical of even if they did turn into people that weren't dangerous anymore for example that I still don't think they shuldnt serve their time, I didn't want people to assume I didn't think they should be punished.