Tapatalk Login and "Pocket Posting"


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The staff would like to mention a tech issue that has been taking place lately for members of Forums who access using Tapatalk and smart devices.

It seems that Tapatalk automatically logs your wireless device in to your account periodically to check for new message and post notifications. It gives you an alert if there are new things that you have subscribed to. The issue that Forum administrators worldwide are having with Tapatalk is that while the device is logged in, the device can "pocket post" randomly when the device is in your pocket or being moved around.

We are asking that you check your settings if you use Tapatalk so that "pocket posting" can not occur. We are also asking that if you plan to be away from CFS for any length of time that you temporarily deactivate your Tapatalk smart device login protocol for this forum so it doesn't continue to log in automatically. That uses up CFS server resources each day.

Thank you for your cooperation.