Target_Hunter is now Siloam

My ID on this site was Target_Hunter. It is now Siloam. As a result of errors on my part, my ID from another site became my ID on this site. I thought that misunderstandings could result (I am not looking to take aim at anyone).

The administrator, HisManySongs, helped my rectify this. I thank him for his kind help.

My new member ID is Siloam, John chapter 9 records that a blind man had his site restored by Jesus. The Lord made clay paste using His spittle and dirt. He then covered the man’s eyes with this clay and told the man to wash in the pool of Siloam. The man washed and came away with his sight.

When asked about this, the man gave a straightforward account. When asked what he thought about Jesus, he said Jesus was a prophet.

We are to be His witnesses. That doesn’t mean we have to be deep theologians. We need to take note of what God has done for and through us. Having observed what He has done, we need to praise Him and give witness to the way the Lord has worked in our individual lives.
Welcome again, and i agree that i like this username much better.
May the Lord richly bless you time here! And where ever you are.