tasteing the bitter cup



Jesus cup, portion or lot was to go to the cross as demonstrated in the recorded history of His experience in the garden of Gethsemane:
Mar 14:36 And he said, Abba, Father, all things are possible unto thee; take away this cup from me: nevertheless not what I will, but what thou wilt.
Many of His disciples were also crucified. Will we be crucified physically? No one knows that for sure but this we do know- we are called to pick up our cross and die to our old self daily. To lay down our lives is to experience the ressuerection power of Christ . Paul said it like this:"I die daily".
Actualy SC, that was a briliant observation. The disciples wanted all the icecream, and prizes, and none of the hard work ---impossible for humans actualy. So "Cup" refences such as "Are You able to drink from My cup" would be no --because none of us are worthy like the Lamb.

However, in our weaknessess, we make God strong, because God shows the world, when we must drink of the bitter cup of chastisements when we sin against God, after being saved, ----just how much more strong God has to be for us ----to cary us thru.

1) And like Job, who was a Type for Christ ---as the Servant, who was righteous in all His ways, and did not deserve His sufferings,

2) Job was also a type for us, for when we become perfect, thru the "Imparted" grace of God, and "imparted" glory of God within us, as saved ---that when we do doubt { as Job did doubt } then when we are weak, God has to cary us ---because God did have to "correct" Job,

3) And after all of Job's suffering, and God setting him straight, what did God require of Job: Don't forgett to pray for your friends ---who job knew to be no freinds of his, on how they blamed him ----and yet he was to forgive them, and pray for them just the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4) And when we are like our master, like Christ, as his ambasadors, then do we not ask for our bitter cup to pass from us. God answered Christ and us both, when there are times God has to say "No" your bitter cup will not pass ---But it is because I love more than Just You, My Son(s) ---with us being sons and daughters by adoption into God's family


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i agree my friend ,what job didn,t understand was spiritual,never the person but the spirit controling them he hated.
We in America have been denied

The initial question which was asked, used the word 'all'. I checked seven versions of the New Testament, and none of them used the word all. I wonder what version uses the word 'all'? Once the word 'all' is taken out, the scripture is more understandable. That means not all disciples will be given the privledge of a cruel death for their belief in Christ as their Lord and Savior.

There are countries in the world today, and have always been, where Christians who have been blessed by God for being martyred for the cause of Christ.

Because of our freedom of religion which produces tolerance, Americans has been denied the privledge of dying for the cause of Christ, at least as long as they live in this country.

For more info. on tolerance or judgment in America, click on www.exposing-pseudo-christianity.org . Post # 229