Tech people Help me!

Tech people Help me!

Ok I got home tonite and went to download my microsoft email.
I have AVG virus software on my computer. It is checking my
emails, when I click send , receive it says I have 3, 751 emails coming in!
They of course don't show until they are all downloaded.
I could be here all nite waiting..
What is going on do you think?

Also on AVG when something goes to the Vault, what are you to do with it?

Boy… you must be popular.
But on a more serious note. I don’t think I can help you. The closest I ever came to that was on the default mail account on our Church website started getting about 10 emails a minute. I was lucky to catch it after only 2 hours. I had to go into the control panel and reset the spam settings, but with your situation, I haven’t a clue what to do.
You could pray over the computer and bind and cast out any demons that may be at work.
Couldn’t hurt.
Take care and God bless.
I prayed

Hey there, I prayed.. it is only on bringing in 370. I am afraid to try and do anything for fear of hurting it more....

Prayer worked!

Hey Dean!

The prayer worked.. I laid my hands on the computer, prayed for the demons to leave.. and Lord help me resolve this..

After I prayed, the voice spoke and said.. why not call Verizon tech support... ( I add DUHHHHHHHHHHH to that one!) lol!

Anyway I did, for some reason outlook was downloading all the messages again that was on the server. They just told me I need to delete them on their server now and then.. ( I guess more often before they build up to 3, 751.. :eek:
Anyway they deleted the ones on the server.
But also come to find out that I do have a virus on my computer even though I have AVG scan.. they state AVG will not get rid of the virus I have so I need to have someone DEFRAG? my computer to get rid of the virus?

Ok. it is now 1AM I am tired! Thanks again for the prayer suggestion.. man why is it.. we forget to pray ? .... but sure is good to have Christian friends here remind us..

Defragging your computer has noting to do with virus removal but simply compacts or defragments files that are scattered on your hard drive.
Run your virus scan- AVG is fine. As far as a virus in your vault don't worry about it it is isolated but if you really want you should have an option to delete it.
Run the defrag program.
Run Adaware to remove spyware - if you do not have adware get it from this link:
Ad-Aware SE 1.06r1 Freeware download page - tested and reviewed software downloads from SnapFiles
This is a great site for freeware downloads and is 100% safe.
And for anyone who hasn’t been there yet, you can go to the link below. You can run tests on your computer and they come up with suggestions for better performance and they have a lot of other stuff. I believe they also have a virus scan tool. It should find a virus, but then they give you options of what to do. They won’t get rid of it, but you can purchase different products from the site. I’ve been going there for a few years and haven’t had any problems.
Spambayes is free. You can download it, set it up, and then throughout the day while your computer is on, it'll sort through your mail and throw out the junk.

Then you can download Spybot Search & Destroy. It's free, too. Just precautionary. And Lavasoft Adaware. Keeps things clean. Microsoft malicious software removal thingy-bopper hasn't really helped me once, but it couldn't hurt either.:eek:

If your anti-virus software just shuffles the viruses to your recycle bin (which it probably shouldn't) then it might be wise to dump your recycle bin after each scan.

Don't sign up to win anymore boats or sports cars at the mall anymore, hee hee hee...all they want is your email addy.:D