Tech Question About Scripture Linking

Tech Question About Scripture Linking

The thread description did say request help, so I hope I got the appropriate forum.:)

Anyhow, we just upgraded to vBulletin on our forum and I've noticed here that anytime a Scripture is quoted, it is hotlinked to Bible Gateway to the page with the appropriate Scripture.

And, I was just wondering how to set that up back home.:)

Pastor Gary

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It is a plug-in that Jeff can give you information about. Jeff is exceptionally busy at the moment with University studies and projects, so it may be a day or two before he can get back to you regarding the technical details.

I'll PM him with your request... thank you for your patience.


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Bibliasoft - BibleFilter 1.5 at

Preacher, the plugin is available at and it is called Bibliasoft. But you need to make sure that the plugin is compatible with the version of vbulletin you have. Otherwise it could end up in errors and it is not so easy to rectify them. You'll get lots of other modifications at but they are not supported by Jelsoft.