Tell How God Is Still Doing Miricles In Your Life!

Hi All!! Time to stop and remind ourselves that GOD is still revealing himself!! Please post what God is doing in your life, how you are blessed, or simply give a PRAISE to God. I pray this will exhault God, encourage others, and remind us that GOD is ALIVE and WELL!

:) Blessings to ALL
I KNOW WHOM I BELIEVE IN & TRUST HE WILL CARRY ME THROUGH - I walk with anticipation of miricles for I know my LORD loves me....

I was overwhelmed yesterday at work. My income has been cut back $1500 a month when I lost my second job due to cut backs. I am a single parent of a 14 yearold. I just got paid on the 15th from my full time job, 2 days ago, and after all the deductions and auto drafts to cover bills (electric, water nothing frivilous etc) I ended up with less than $200 in my account for the next 4 weeks. Thanksgiving is next week, and Christmas is next month. I earn to much to qualify for any assistance as this is based upon my earnings for the past year and holding 2 jobs. My heart sank and was on the verge of tears not knowing what I was going to do to get through this month. "Lean not upon my own understanding" I know I have a just and merciful LORD for at that moment a coworker saw I was destressed, not by what I said but the look in my eyes...she is another christian....and stopped to encourage me, hug me, reminding me to claim God's promises how he will care for me and my daughters needs. Now I am excited to see God Bless me and the miricles instore to stretch that $192.50. I will keep you posted on how this month transpires....I am already praising God for things I have yet to see but know he cares for the sparrows and cares much more for my daughter and me......

I cherris all prayers - and will share how God blesses me -
Thanks William....God has to work on my pride....I have never sought help. God has met all my needs in miraculous ways. I am praying that I might be able to find more employemnt or something...I just hate the idea of go to a church as asking for assistance when i can, with God's help, find work to support my daughter and I...please pray that God reveals what I am to do...God Bless You this Holiday Season....
Hi SuZQ, welcome. I pray that the Lord will see you through this time of worry with your daily needs as he did for me at a similar time.
God Bless you and your daughter.
Well Paul Thanks for your prayers and encouragment.
This morning in church I sat there thinking, I have a five dollar bill in my purse and my daughter brought her $1 bill. I have $50 in my bank account. My tithe is $25 a week. I thought to myself, "Well God you understand my situation, I have a 1/4 tank of gas, live 13 miles from town, and $50 in the bank. If I gave this $5 God you know that I am giving what I have...." But then I heard a voice say, give more and trust me to provide." I gave my $25 I give evry week. I know that God will supply, maybe he will bless my home business, maybe my gas will be like the oil in the lamp that burned 7 days when it should have been gone in one day. I just have to trust and obey for there is no other way...lolol isn't that a song LOL Funny thing is that I was asked to provide a meal for another family. I do not make my finacial issues known so I am sure others believe I have $$$$$. None the less I dug deep and did w/o question I gave what I have out of my cabinets and with cheer.

I claim God's promises & know I will be blessed...but I still covet prayers to keep me strong and faithful.

May God Bless you Paul....
Susan :)
Hi guys, God is awesome, He supplies all our needs. I have 5 children growing together.
I tried to save some extra amount for the education of my children but; i can not. Our
income is just enough for our daily needs. I prayed to God and claim his promises in
Philippians 4:19 And my GOD shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory
by Christ Jesus; but nothing happened still i can not save. I started to wonder how would
I send all my children to high school and college when i don't have any savings.
When my children started going to high school i was able to send them until they finish
college. I can not understand how the blessings come. I can say that we just rely to Him
all our needs and trust Him completely. Then I realized that GOD is really faithful to his
promises. Now i understand that He really supply all our needs. He did not said that he will
supply our wants. Trust GOD and obey all his commandments; He will never fail you.
I have been trying to find full time work for nearly a year now, a week ago i applied for a job and thought nothing of it as i wasn't even expecting an interview i had practically given up on getting a job in my hometown. (lack of faith)Last Monday i got rung up to come in for an interview! I couldn't believe what i was hearing so nervously i got ready and went to the interview. After what i thought was a good interview, they told me they will ring me that afternoon with their decision. When you hear that it usually means bad news. I get the phone call only to be told they decided to take on the person that has previous experience, fare enough i thought as i had no experience with this type of work. But at the same time i was confused, does God want me to sit around and do nothing? Surely he would rather me go out there and work. Slugginess is a sin isn't it and i was getting more lazy by the day. All these question kept running through my mind. So that night i said a prayer and told God that i know He can get me a job i trusted in him and left it as that with the belief that God has heard my prayer and is already going through the motion of making it happen for me. I was pretty much desperate that i got down on my knees and prayed.

Well the next morning some time after 10am i get a phone call from the employers that i had an interview with. She asks me if i would like to come in for some training as they have changed their minds and would like to try me out at the job. Was i surprise? Yes and no, i already knew God was working at it in my favor. I found out that out of the blue one staff member quit his job or was fired that day. I did not want to be too nosy but all i know is i replaced him. When God wants you to do something or wants to help you he will move mountains if he has too and thats what he did moved the mountain that was in my way. Praise the Lord.

God never leaves us its us who choose to leave him and go our own way, when I strayed away from God, "lack of faith" God was still there waiting for me to come back.

Trust in God always and do not lean on your own understanding.

God Bless