Tell me..

Tell me..

Your opinion on this idea I have. I have been wanting to quit smoking and be lead out of the temptation of many other things as well. But its strange because at the same time, I keep doing it..I keep smoking and doing everything else and while Im doing it, I get the 'I know this is wrong' feeling. But the idea I had, I heard something about a prayer to St Michael, however; it is a catholic prayer and I remembered that in Revelation the angel told John not to worship him. Would this be considered worship to do this prayer and even not, do you think I should do it to try and get help from this temptation. Thoughts please


We are to pray to the Father in Jesus Name. We do not pray to the dead for they cannot hear us.
The bad news: praying to saints is unbiblical.
The good news: the Father hears our every cry!
I smoke too, that's why I'm asking. It's part of my culture (Native American), but not in the way that it's to be abused.

Anyway, I was thinking about the passages - I don't remember which one right now - but it says something like, which one of us by worrying can add even one second to our lives?

Whatever I do in life, it's all in God's hands. He has complete control of me. I used to worry about cigarettes, but I don't anymore.

He's going to take me when He's going to take me. I can't do anything to change His time, His clock for me has already been set.

Carcinogens? When you grill a breast on a barbequer, the black charred stuff has been determined to be a carcinogen. So has smog. Tap-water can have lead in it.

I'd go crazy thinking of all the ways that I could die, so I myself just don't worry about it.

I read my bible, I pray, I believe, and every day I try to do something that increases my faith. I used to worry a lot about death, but today I don't worry about when He's going to bring me home.

Regarding St. have a straight-direct line to the Son of God. Wow! Jesus listens, my friend, oh yes! That's amazing, huh? You could pray to St. Michael...but why? St. Michael isn't the Son of God. Jesus will hear you, and He has all authority. Again, our God is a jealous God. He doesn't want any man above Him. If you pray to another man (St. Michael) when you could go directly to Jesus...?

Just my little opinion.:)
Because it is a sin against the body. The Bible says that our body is Gods temple and the temple of the Holy Spirit.

i feel the same way.. i've quit so many times and now i'm smoking again.. stress.. hopefully i can quit for good. if i come up with any new ideas i'll let you know.. and i'll take any suggestions as well. i don't think it's so much as worrying about death, just the sinning against the body part. have you tried to cut down?


I have to tell you brother - if you decide to play jacks on the interstate highway you will die sooner than later. What we reap is what we sow and I have seen to many precious souls die a slow and terrible death from smoking.
My dad and a my mother in law struggled so hard for breath that thier bodies consumed thier muscle mass for fuel trying to stay alive. Emphasyma is a bad way to go but it is not the only effect of smoking. My mom has mild emphsyma from living 50+ years with a smoker. God cannot be pleased to see us act foolishly with the gift of life he has given us I cannot conceive of Him being pleased that we are hurting others.
There are established mortality tables that will tell you when you will die on average- they are taken from compilations of millions of insurance claims and are very accurate- they demonstrate this very well: on AVERAGE a smoker lives 10 years less than a non smoker. Is it possible to beat the odds? Perhaps ,but statistically your quality of life will be considerably lower than a non smoker. Why not quit and save yourself some agony?
I say all these things because I care about each of you and after seeing it first hand the results are not worth it. My dad was one of the smartest people I ever knew but he was in denial over what he was doing to himself till it was to late. I can remember him saying " I only wish I had realized what could happen". Don't make the same mistake.
Gal 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.


My wife smoked for many years and prayed for deliverance. One morning she woke up with her cigarettes crushed in her hand and hasn't smoked since. She does however have breathing problems so I would say it is wise ot quit sooner thna later. Many blessings and much love in Christ ,Larry.
keep trying.. i know it's hard... maybe we can be each other's acountability partners on this..

i don't think anyone here is trying to mock God. everyone knows the harms of smoking. i'm sorry, but it's hard to scare someone to quit. i'm not trying to be in any way disrespectful or unappreciative of the comment, or take over the thread. he was asking for help, and i don't see how that helps. for me, that only makes me feel worse about it.
To quit smoking is not easy, but I'm not telling any of you smokers anything you don't already know. I smoked for 35 years, I don't remember how many times I tried to quit and went back. There are so many bad things about smoking, but my main reason for smoking was boredom. Anyway, we will not wuit unless we really want to, no matter what we try.
I quit 6 months ago and I do think about it especially when friends at work are lighting up, but I have to hand it over to God. I want to quit because it does take years off our life and it isn't the greatest smell. Also, it really bothers me that these people are making all this money on a product that contains so many poisons. i don't know how many people have read the package lately, but take a look and see what you are agreeing to let them serve you. Part od Satan's plan? Maybe!
My prayers are with you all.
i have to agree, i don't like the smell either.. when i quit before, i was disgusted with those who smoked.. and now look at me, right back where i started.. but with God's help, i'll quit for good. before, when i smoked, i didn't even think about it, but now i have this lil guilty feeling and the bad smell to remind me..

sorry, i feel like i really am taking over the thread.. i'll stop.

I know smoking is bad for your health. I'm sorry.

I have tried to quit in the past, and made it for 8 months. Cold turkey, they told me, is the best way to go. It's fast, and it gets the nicotine out of your system ka-plowy!

Lots of water, find a new hobby to keep your hands busy, have lots of carrots and mints around. When I quit for 8 months, it was maddening! My, my - it was maddening!

...maybe this can be my New Year's Resolution. I just hate going through it again. LOL


I was not implying you are trying to mock God but was focusing the the you reap what you sow part. Forgive me if that was not clear. Smoking is a bondage and I pray for each of you to be free.
I quit chewing tobacco about a year ago. The only way to go is cold turkey. It sucks for about 8 weeks but I found it was the only way I could quit. I actually went to the doc and got some anti anxiety medication to help with it.
Hey, Endtime! I tried to quit smoking several times for all the usual reasons: smells, expensive, dirty(ashes get all over everything!),bad for the health, bad for my children's health,etc....none worked. Until God told me HE wanted me to quit for Him. Then I got prayed over, and now, I am smoke been about 4 yrs now.
The thing of it is, you have to decide you are going to do it. I mean, really mean it. God needs to be involved in it. And when you mess up, (fall back into smoking) dont beat yourself up over it. Just try it again. Its a process and takes practice. One thing that helped me was to remember that I had been a non-smoker at one time, I could be one again by acting like one!
The patch helped, but only by taking the edge off. That's where the determination comes in. And pray, pray, pray! (To God, not a dead person.)
God bless you, sweetie!