Telling It Like It Is

Telling It Like It Is

Telling It Like It Is
John 9:13-25

The blind man willingly answered questions about his healing, no matter who asked. As a result, he received many different responses.
Neighbors argued over the truth of his story. They demanded to know how he received sight. The man honestly explained what happened. He said a man named Jesus gave him some instructions. When he obeyed, he was healed. The neighbors couldn’t deny what had happened. But they had trouble accepting his story because they couldn’t understand it. Today, the world still does the same thing. What they can’t explain, they try to deny.
The Pharisees also questioned how the blind man could see. In John 9:15, the man said, “He applied clay to my eyes, and I washed, and I see.” These leaders refused to believe him because they didn’t want to accept Jesus. They questioned the man a second time. And he simply repeated his testimony. He said, “I was blind, now I see” (John 9:25). They rejected his words again, refusing to change their beliefs. In the same way, some people reject God’s truth and cling to their own interpretation of the facts.
The blind man’s parents backed down when they were confronted by the Pharisees. They were afraid of the authorities, so they refused to tell the truth. Fear of someone’s reaction can keep us from speaking about our transformed life.
Next time you have an opportunity to talk about the Lord, share something that’s changed since you met Him. Tell of how you once were blind, but now you see.

by Dr. Charles Stanley


He is indeed an anointed man of God with a real gift for teaching!:D


I listen to him every Sun and he has a series right now about. landmines in our lives . It is really good . I also love to read his books. He has so many. Dr Stanley is celebrating 50 yrs as a pastor. Thanks for that message Pastor Rick