Temple of God and caring for your and your families' health

I realize that, as the Temple of God, we should take the best care of our bodies as we can, and I also realize that I have fallen far short of that goal. So, I wondered what your thoughts are on diet drinks, and if all diet drinks are the same. I know about the aspartame study done years ago, but that it was refuted with proof that it was a biased study. So, how do you take care of your temple?
Just out of curiosity, why did you post this in family and parenting?

Our bodies are the Temple of God, but we are not to adorn it and give it too much attention. Interesting contrasts in Scripture.

I did the diet drinks for some time, but have recently given them up. I am on a special diet so no sugars or artificial sweeteners. I do only stevia. You can read about my diet attempt at http://harcombedietrecipes.com. It is actually not too bad. Some water, 1/2 lemon and a packet of stevia is very, very refreshing. Stevia is not a sugar it is actually a powder herb. So it does not spike your blood sugar like the artificial sweeteners or sugars. That really helps stop your body from reacting to blood sugar spikes and gaining weight.

One of the best ways to take care of your temple is to give it rest on the 7th day! I honestly think that one thing will do more than nearly all others put together!

May God bless you in your persuit.

Mark, I was interested in ways others take care of their temples, and help their families care for them as well. I had a friend ask about the diet drinks today, and began to wonder what others thought. I like the idea of stevia...I haven't tried it, but I do like water with a little lemon juice in it. It seems to quench a thirst well! I am also wondering about exercises and foods and anything done to help us stay strong and healthy. Thank you for your reply...I agree with the thought about resting on the Sabbath!

I think we should be more concerned about how we take care of ourselves. The whole "live longer" thing does not interest me, but I think we should be concerned with what we know and have learned and the shape we keep ourselves in so we can be excellent servants of our Lord Jesus Christs!

I go for a walk every day (both for exercise and because I get distracted here at home when trying to pray!) and love to play tennis. Went out with my daughter this morning to play. It is a good sport for us "old" guys!
Try switching any junk food snacks or drinks into healthy fruit snacks or drinks. Maybe take up jogging and ask your kids to go with you so they can learn health is important. Just do the best you can do. Also, it is nice to ask for advice but you should be sure and search the scriptures and decide for yourself. As for my own opinion, which I will admit it is, if God would send people to hell just for drinking diet drinks we are all in a lot of trouble.