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Terms of use and requirements

Hello all, first of all thank you all for participating in the forums and thanks to Jesus for allowing me to be a part of this community. I have an exciting news to tell ya.

In the last few days, I've been contacting companies about promoting their products here in this forum. My idea was to approach new companies because they would be more approachable and they would only benefit from promoting their products as they dont need to invest much here. :D I have got some replies but things are not yet finalised. :)

So here's the thing:
Every month (if possible), we'll set up a thread excusively for the participating company and their banner will be placed on the front page of the forum. You can enter yourself into the contest by replying to the thread. At the end of the month, a winner will be chosen either at random or by the best replies. That is upto the company.

What gifts?
Bibles, cds or anything useful to a Christian

You need to satify certain requirement to participate:
1) You should have a minimum of 7 posts. This is to ensure that you dont have multiple accounts to simply enter the contests.
2) Currently, contests and giveaway threads are open to members living in the United States only. I have only contacted companies in the US and it will be an extra expense for them to send the gifts to international users. If the contest is open to all members (US and non-US), this will be mentioned in the appropriate threads.
[more will be added if required]

What you should NOT do!
1) You should not have multiple accounts here for the pupose of winning the contests. This might otherwise result in de-activation of such accounts.
2) You should not give negetive remarks about the company or its products. For any such incidents, pm me immediately.
3) You should not post your personal details such as address or telephone number or email address. I will ask the winners for these details via pm.
[more will be added if required]

Spread this news to your friends and give me your suggestions
If possible, let your Christian friends know about this. Also, I need your suggestions or ideas on this.

I hope you will also enjoy participating here. :dance: :party: :king: :jesus-cross:

The rules here are subject to change.