ALERT Terrorist Threat Warnings Elevated Worldwide

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The staff at CFS would just like to remind everyone to be extra observant in your every day travels. As we have all witnessed since the mid 1980's, no one in the world is completely safe from the despicable acts of terrorists and we all should be considering the development of a defensive mindset. Those persons with Military or Public Safety training already have the basic tools to know what to look for. Those persons who have no such training may wish to take part in local law enforcement civilian oriented training sessions designed to keep you and your family safe. Contact your local Police, Constable or Sheriff's Department for details.

Be observant and be fully aware of what is taking place around you. Take nothing for granted and as the FBI and Homeland Security administrators have said:


We continue in prayer for all victims of terrorist acts.

The Staff is bumping this thread up again as a result of recent international terrorist acts; most recently in Toronto, Canada, on April 23.

Please pray for the innocent victims and their families and all those who have been injured. Ten persons killed and 15 injured by this deliberate cowardly act.

Be observant... be prepared... be safe...

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