Mar 6, 2014
Opened up Google Docs and found the testimony I typed for the Church before I got baptised. Here it is!

Before believing in Jesus I was on a spiritual journey. I knew there was something wrong with the world, and I hated the evil in it. At first I was atheist, criticising religion for it’s supernatural beliefs, but then my mind opened up and I thought about life in a spiritual way. I moved to philosophy, then to eastern thinking, finally to new age/occult. During this time I knew the world was in big trouble, and loved the devil’s philosophies of how it would end. One day my sister called me and told me about bible prophecy, and I instantly believed it. All of the sudden the world made sense to me, everything from Genesis to Revelation was instantly opened up for me, and along with that my belief in Jesus as the son of God. After that day I gave up all my occult beliefs and practices, and focused intensely on the gospel. I now want to give my life for it, by helping and loving people in any way I can. My main problem has always been my introversion and preoccupation with my personal spiritual beliefs. But I pray that through Christ I will be changed into who he wants me to be, a person who testifies of Jesus through word and action; A person who loves God and his neighbor.