THank-You Amen.

Saved by Grace thru Faith.-Thank You Amen.By Grace our Faith makes it possible to begin and continue obedience to Your Commandes.Thru the power of Your Spirit in us ,we are on the path of progression into perfection.All praise Honor and Glory to You Amen.We can only boast about Your works and Your presence.So yes we are a work in progess-repenting of shortcomings as You point them out thru whatever means You see is appropiate-personally,thru others,the surroundings,etc.Commitment to repenting allows us to live in an awareness of Your living,loving Presence.HALLELUJAH!The intent of our hearts allows us by Grace to be white as snow in Your eyes.Than-You forever-John.
Welcome to CFS and YES - there are not enough thanks in the world to cover the love God gives us, unconditionally.


Welcome to the forums.
Amen to that. God works in wonderful ways. :)