Thank you CFS


Thank you CFS

Today is the day I have been a member of CFS for 1 year.

Many things have happened through these months, there has been ups and downs, and a few things sideway :), twice I have seen both sides of the curtain (member, moderator, helper, member, moderator) and I have met a good number of blessed brothers and sisters in our Saviour. I've learned so many things in my walk through the threads that our spiritual friendship brings out, and I don't just mean the words spoken, but also the gestures given, through Pms and other means, that I am really glad I've come accross this humble and spirited forum.

That just to say thank you to the owner of the forum, my good friend Jeff, whom I have grown to love as a brother, and to all the members here. Thank you also to all the helpers and moderators for their enormous patience with me, and their labour to make this cozy nest the most safest and comfy place that we have on the net.

Thank you my God for this forum.



I, too, thank Jeff for all he has done to provide us with this forum~
I am very blessed to have met you, Sylv~

Congratulations Syl! God Bless each and everyone of the CFS Family and may the LORD continue to pour out an anointing of the Holy Spirit throughout the CFS Ministry.
Happy Anniversary, Sylvanus!