Thank You Jehovah Jireh

Dear LORD, You are my Jehovah Jireh and I just wanted to say a huge ‘THANK YOU JESUS’ as I recognise even when I am not focusing on issues; as there are a few in this season (y) but nevertheless You are certainly in control of them all.

Hi All, yesterday the Lord revealed to me that He had removed a £600 debt that my previous car companies associates claimed I owed them.:confused:o_O(I voluntarily terminated my car and this is the amount the inspection company claimed I owed after checking the vehicle) I disputed the amount and only realised later that it was put forward as a complaint. Well after weeks of them investigating my dispute, yesterday I received a letter telling me that they have upheld my complaint and due to xyz reasons (the Lord’s intervention) they feel it's only right that they remove the charges; totally….. Yes! I was over the moon :LOL::D:p:cool::)

Furthermore, today I contacted the car company to now discuss the real amount I am owing for my previous car and they have put the amount on hold for 6months… Jesus Thank You so very much.:):LOL: I'm so happy, as it has taken the pressure off me while I get back my strength to return to work so I can pay if off. I’m not working at the moment as I am recovering from surgery so this news regarding my finances was very, very welcome.:)

I wanted to share this good news as when we think Almighty God may not be listening, or if we feel 'well I haven't been praying about this' God is still, always working behind the scenes to protect us in every situation. I feel my Faith has been tested quite a lot lately and this is another demonstration how I have now learnt/learning to 'Let Go and Let God'! If God brought me to it, I'm now confident that He will bring me through it and not always in a way that is favourable to me, but I'm learning that in the not so favourable situations, there is an opportunity to learn something, and what I do learn will benefit someone some day(and me in another similar situation). This all has been a process but I really have/am learning with every new situation that God REALLY is in control; Relax!

So please if you will, join me in giving thanks to Almighty God for His loving Kindness and Mercy as it never fails:D:)

To You Father be All the Glory. :)