Thankful For This Site

I just wanted to say how great an honor it is to be able to come onto this site to share and discuss the truths that are so important. I have long suffered from a frigid lack of confidence in my conversation skills, even though when I apply myself I am great at them! I have lived a very cold life, always staying away from the humble and bustle of the social world. I am glad of this because it means I am good at staying away from worldliness, but I am sad because I suffer from a lack of intimacy and fellowship. I just want to share what an honor it is to have fellowship in any sense, even online.

This site, even though online, helps me not feel so frigid and distant. It helps me to practice mind on mind discussion, and helps me have relationships with people outside my worldly family. I think it is important to emphasis fellowship, because without it we would have the hearts of satan, self-possessed and lonely. I have always known of the fact that I am shy, and it scares me because I want to be in good relationships with people and with God. I am just glad this site is available for Christians, and all others like it. :)

Speaking of which, any other sites like this?

Jesus Freak

Previously DanaCovert68
I am glad to know you. And I'm also thankful for people like you that come and bring joy to the site. To answer your question: to me there are no other sites like this on the internet.
Speaking of which, any other sites like this?

No. There is a special bunch of special people here :D. I have been on other sites. This one is number # 1 (y).

Jeff updates this site so often. You will not find a site with better software. There is nothing worse then not being able to communicate properly because of bugs / software issues.
Agree with other posters.. Though discussions get heated, I love this site.. I signed up on a few other, but using only this one now