Thanking God for 55 yr. marriage and comfort in loss

Jan 1, 2021
Mebane, NC
My Tribute upon your passing---
I remember our 55 years together and take comfort in the following thoughts:
- a love everlasting
- a banquet feast in heaven
- a fountain of living water
- a walk on streets of gold
- a cancer free place
- a no handicap zone
- a winning team
- a triumphant celebration
- a wiping away of all tears
- a spotless garment from a spotless Lamb
- a perfect blend of angelic voices
- a death swallowed up in victory
- a life in the presence of God
Dec 5, 2020
Seattle, WA
A wonderful example of commitment and love. Marriage for the best of us has rough patches, but working through them, learning to respect and love one another helps us through to the end.

It's wonderful that your husband will be there to show you around. I'm hoping though we have many years though to enjoy your company first.