Thanksgiving Is Drawing Near.

What do you usually do on Thanksgiving? What do you most love about this day? Do you have any unique traditions? Any funny Thanksgiving stories?



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All the relatives in the region get together for a big meal. Nothing too special.
When I was very young we would have Thanksgiving with some friends of my parents.
The lady of the house would always cook enough to feed a small army.
(typical of the farm culture, if 5 are visiting, cook enough for 50).


It's one of the times I really miss being close to family. My parents always have a big Thanksgiving day, with around 80 family members most years. It's too expensive for me to fly out, so I usually Skype in. Not the same though. :cry:


I go to friend's house and have dinner with other people like me who are away from family. It's really fun. We all belong to the same church and have a great time.
Of course! Do you spend Thanksgiving with your family?

After I got married, my wife and I begun spending Thanksgiving with her family--mostly because her parents are separated and I'm sure it would be difficult for her daughter to not spend Thanksgiving with her. So it's usually with her mom, he brother, and a few other friends and relatives.

Although my family often celebrates Thanksgiving on the following Saturday since my side of the family is large and growing (with spouses and newly born family members). It's the most convenient and we don't mind if it's not precisely on Thanksgiving--as long as we get to spend a day of Thanksgiving together.