As Thanksgiving will begin in about 12 mins I wanted to state what I'm thankful for:

#1 I'm thankful for, obviously the Lord Jesus Christ - He has blessed me in so many ways beyond paying for my sins! It's like saying my debt was $1 and He gave me $10 x 10400000000000000000000000000000000 to infinity!

#2 I'm thankful for my wonderful family - I'm bless with a wife who honor's me even after 23 years of marriage, three wonderful kids, of which I do not have a single complaint

#3 I'm thankful for my country - I've been to 46 countries, lived in 7 different ones throughout my life and I have been blessed to have been born an American, and yet it pains me deeply to see her turn from God

#4 I'm thankful for my job - I've been blessed with a great job filled with adventures and I have a great staff

#5 I'm thankful for my freedom - to be able to confess Jesus Christ as my saviour to any who would listen

#6 I'm thankful for CFS - I'm blessed to have been asked to be part of the staff and having been on the internet since the year it was born, I can honestly say that this is the best forum community!

#7 I'm thankful for you all that listen to me rave and rant. God Bless you all!

I'm thankful for several of the things Abdicate posted and -

A place I can call home; especially because it's warm here for several reasons, while it's cold outside for several reason.

For sodium bicarbonate because I ate too much yesterday and it calmed my grumbly tumbly so I could lay down and sleep last night.

I'll add more later...