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Mar 3, 2007
With more and more persons ordering products and gifts on line and having those items delivered to their homes, the "Porch Pirates" have been out in force stealing packages left on porches throughout the US and Canada.

You can deter these criminals by requesting a delivery to your work place (if OK'd by your manager). You can also monitor your package tracking number and BE HOME on the day of delivery, or you can arrange a delivery with a neighbor who will be home on the delivery day to accept your package for you.

There are several states that have enacted tough laws making theft of ANY packages a felony with substantial jail time.

While many persons have also started using video cameras and the 'Ring' video door bell, most "porch pirates' disguise themselves so they can not be identified this way.

Think carefully about how you can protect your package deliveries and do not be victimized by criminals.

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