That Wrongful Feeling

The more we learn of God’s goodness the more sensitive and aware we are made to the indwelling sinful nature. There may often or occasionally be a feeling of discomfort which seems to have no identity concerning its cause, yet there seems to be a noticeable uneasy sense within that tends to make us think that maybe we’ve neglected something or have done something unknowingly wrong.

This should take no place in our determination because there’s nothing we can do anyway that can address the forgiveness and acceptance which we already have in Christ; and equally important is the unchangeable surety we have of the Father’s forgiveness and acceptance.

Of course the origin of this and of all wrongfulness derives from the sinful nature, which often results in unidentified and uncomfortable awareness, similar to that of an identity-crisis. The believer needs not to do anything wrongful to result in the awareness of this uneasiness, and it’s encouraging to know that this is merely a God-given sensitivity (via the new nature and the Spirit) of the presence of the old nature, similar to that of not knowing you have a cancer and eventually becoming aware of it.

When a believer actually does wrongfully (which is not “willfully” Heb 10:26), the most blessed Spirit of God eventually brings this to his awareness, but solely to learn from it—and never intends anything accusative—for only the devil is the “accuser” (Rev 12:10).

The instructional means of enduring such situations is by waiting of the Lord, by “casting all your care on Him” (1 Pet 5:7) in knowing He has worked “all things together for good” (Rom 8:28)—to you!