The Beauty of God's World

As I am self-isolating, I may have to lure the squirrels to me! Maybe if I offer them hard cash, or peanuts, they'll come for a photo shoot.

Scorpions? You are a crazy Welsh person🤪

And I've just discovered the rest of the emojis.

This is a picture of my hometown. I think that must be a bird flying overhead, coz all flights have been cancelled.

Actually this was taken a while ago, and looking at it again I feel blessed to have ended up living in such a beautiful place.
Yep, you found me. I'm a northerner and now I live Daan Saaf. XXX Unfortunately for me, my kids have southern accents, which is very distressing. Actually it's not because they're very well spoken. It's only when I swear that my northern accent comes out. I won't give any examples because they would be quite offensive!