The Best Thing About My Mom

Good question Mark- my mom has quite a few good qualities but the most prominite one is her unconditional love :)
The best thing about my mom is her ability to sacrifice her own comfort for the sake of our family... and like boanerges' mom, I'm often amazed at my mom's unconditional love for us.... and that's why we love her so :)
The best thing I like about my Mom is that she wants something more for her children. She wants us to grow up strong, and have a better life then she did. She puts our needs above hers. I guess I take that for granted sometimes...

~Passions means to have a strong love for something~
unconditional love

The best thing about my mum is that she taught me how to love unconditionally.

Interestingly, the day she joined the angels (a cold November day) one of her favorite flowers, a Blue Iris bloomed (at a time that was out of season) and in honour of God's presence in such timing, I now refer to the Iris as the flower of heaven - as it has 3 unfurled petals to greet and 3 cupped to hold.

The best thing about my mum is that her love lives on and I can smile and laugh, looking towards the coming of Christ when the journey is complete.

Thanks mum

Beaux Reflets
My mom is the only man in the world that will never betray me and would always help me in any situation... I`m thankful to her for everything i have in my life.
Well the best thing about my mother is that she raised 4 kids by herself without help. And did it well for almost 25 years