The Box

Aug 6, 2008
British Columbia
The Box

As I swim through the sands of time I come across a box.
Within that box is, my life and every thing I have done, the good and the bad.
I can hear every word I have spoken, see every thing I have done and worst of all re-think my darkest thoughts.

As I stand there looking in that box the worst floats through my mind, thoughts of pain and torture I can not even start to imagine. As fear and doubt mingle in my mind I feel something raining down on me. As I look around I can see it is drops of blood, I start to cry for surly death has come for me.

All of a sudden I hear a voice so full of love and peace, I stand there in complete and utter terror as it says to me, “It is me cant you see? Do not cry for I am here and you are free.” I slowly look up and I see a man nailed to a cross then, I realize that he died to save me.

written by me
Nov 12, 2007
That was great, Chris! Sounds kinda like a dream. I know it sounds odd, but sometimes I think about the fact that we each know what's in our hearts and thoughts and think we are the only ones who know those things, our little secrets and all. So, opening that box and seeing those sins is so overwhelming. It's hard to comprehend that Jesus knows all that you know and more. He even knows our future. But, the fact that he covers us by his blood and all we have hidden in that box, can bring us peace of mind if we let it, if we believe it.
Sep 20, 2008
I think we have to remember, as Spurgeon said, that sometimes we run over the ruts of our past memories. If He forgave us and loved us then, He still does to this day. And if He's thrown our past in the sea of forgetfulness, then we shouldn't let it hold us down again.