The Children of Euri and Sam

The Children of Euri and Sam

Once upon a time there were two villages, led by two brothers
They had the same father but were born of two mothers.

Euri was the first and Sam was younger.
Wars and famine had cause the land a great hunger.

Euri’s mother had died in this time of strife.
And so his father went and found a second wife.

Euri and Sam got along pretty well with each other
There were fights to be sure, but they both loved their father.

Their father had divided his lands and given them each a share.
He taught them the moral law and made them both swear.

To be peaceful and to share their love with all humanity.
To avoid the trappings of power, greed, and vanity.

To rely on the Lord for every daily need.
And to send people out to teach the true creed.

Now as Euri aged his family grew to twenty seven.
And many lived in the spirit of the kingdom of heaven.

And others were good too, but with a touch of pride.
Still others, well, let’s just say Euri’s mother would have cried.

Meanwhile, Sam’s family grew great and numbered fifty.
Like Euri’s, there were all types of meek, wise, valiant, and shifty.

Now in the same province as the two neighboring brothers,
Were the nations and towns of many, many others.

The brothers sent their people out to teach and to trade.
The people became wealthy, and so in defense, they began to carry a blade.

Their expansion was marked by a general peace.
But this began to change as the populations increased.

The towns became cities and there was much migration.
As the people changed, it created many political situations.

The brothers thought they had taught well many of their kin.
But as time passed they found it didn’t all sink in.

The people were blind to their own creeping flaws.
And the young and alien did not all understand the father’s laws.

Many fights and arguments did eventually arise.
And the brothers did not always delegate to the meek and wise.

As these brothers grew old and frail they found many proud had come to power.
On false promises to the people to build armies and mighty towers.

They sent all the valiant, wise, and even convinced the meek.
To wages battles of ‘defense’ that they would not appear weak.

Over time and through attrition, when many fathers never returned.
Society forgot the peaceful virtues that Sam and Euri once learned.

The new rulers found ways to repeal or ignore the rules of morality.
To satisfy the waxing egos of their changing society.

They began to throw their weight around the nations.
And damaged the two cities good reputations.

Now the father had made sure his teachings were written down.
And that there would always be some in each town.

Some who would read and remember the past.
That it would never be forgotten until the very last.

One day a little boy found an old copy of the book.
And therein he read three things that his people had forsook.

One was that when man lacks what he wants, he picks up the sword.
And that man lacks what he wants when he doesn’t trust the Lord.

Two, that when he repents his sins and changes his behavior,
And he calls out in faith on the name of Christ the savior.

That he will be saved and that he will most surely receive.
Blessings from the Holy Spirit, that others too might believe.

And three, that he should be fruitful and spread the good news.
Unto everyone, that they might know the peace of all these truths.

The boy was struck with fervor and conviction
To save his city from its wayward afflictions.

First he went and shared this gift with his friends.
Some thought him a little crazy, but others joined him in his ends.

They talked to all their neighbors, and everyone on the block,
Was buzzing about the book of which the little boy did talk.

Then the children went to see the leaders of the city
They witnessed what they knew, and here’s the tragic pity…

The proud leaders, were so aghast at the implications of moral laws
That they tried to convince the children, that it was filled with flaws.

Because they stood against the truth, they had to quiet down these kids.
So they sent their own corrupted youth into their midst.

To use the ancient methods which some children like to use.
To mock them and then entice them with soft words like the ‘right to choose’

The boy wouldn’t fall for this old deceptive trick.
And he called to the other children not to join the proud clique.

He was hurt and confused that anyone would reject the truth that he had found.
But he was emboldened too, with a zealous heart and Godly wisdom sound.

He decided to go see old Euri and Sam, and to lay it on the line.
He went first to great grandpa Euri and told him his fruit had withered on the vine.

Then to old great Uncle Sam to ask why had he forsaken
The oath that with his brother, he once had taken.

You are our future, you and your friends.
Our cities lost their way, but now you can make amends.

Go preach the good news on every corner and at every door.
And then go out into the world, to every town on every shore.

Don’t be surprised if the new leaders attack you,
They may do everything they can to try to distract you.

But you have already shown that you can stand against their corruption
So go now, and fill the earth with Holy Spirit fire, like a volcanic eruption.

The boy and his friends are now carrying out this quest.
Will you join them too, or will you join the proud rest?

Copyright (c) DPartlow 2008

Daniel Partlow