The Christ Cross

The Christ Cross

So here's a question... would you put a bright cross on your lawn?
Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated by almost all Americans. The celebration of the birth of baby Jesus draws many to their local churches for a special candle light service - whether they’re regular attenders or not. It’s hard to imagine not hearing Christmas music on the several stations playing 24 hours a day.

Most of us start the celebration by dusting off those boxes in our attics or garages filled with Christmas ornaments and decorations. Some passed down as family heirlooms and cherished family treasures.

We follow closely held family traditions - some by putting up the Christmas tree and decorations early - just after Thanksgiving, while others wait until Christmas eve to find that last, perfect tree and decorating it long into the evening.

Whatever your tradition, in more and more cases it includes Christmas lawn ornaments designed to dress up the outside of our homes to show our holiday cheer. Outdoor lawn ornaments used to be primarily Christmas lights and light strands hung along roof lines, around doors and windows and maybe on some outdoor trees or shrubs. In recent years however, the advent of simple to elaborate Christmas lawn ornaments consisting of everything from santa clause, reindeer, sleighs, trees and gift boxes to light poles, and helicopters!

Not only does the current crop of Christmas lawn ornaments include these items in a variety of sizes and shapes, they come with a variety of lighting options from traditional white, to red, green, blue - flashing, strobing and pulsing for all to see.

Some of the newer Christmas lawn ornaments include blow up items which include twelve feet tall snowmen and eight feet diameter snow globes with actual moving scenes inside.

Truly, Christmas lawn ornaments have become more elaborate, sophisticated and expensive (some topping the $500 mark) and many would say obnoxious as they grow in size and litter the Christmas holiday landscape.

While Christmas lawn ornaments of all shapes and styles are - I believe, designed to enhance out holiday cheer, most current offerings are missing the point. Christmas isn’t about santa clause, reindeer, snowmen and snow globes. It’s about the birth of Jesus Christ. It would seem therefore that a more fitting Christmas lawn ornament would be a Christmas Cross or some form of a Cross lawn ornament that more truly represents the Christ in Christmas we’re really celebrating.
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We have a silver metallic nativity and over it the words " wise men still seek Him!"
I was thinking about this the other day while strolling the aisles of Walmart...

There was Scooby, Spongebob, Hello Kitty...there were cartoon characters that I haven't even heard of yet! There was Elvis and Pooh. Dogs dressed in leather jackets, sitting on motorcycles, and when you press their paws they sing "Wild Thing". There were princesses (I get my sleeping beauty and cinderella mixed up all the time). Genies. Simpsons. Smurfs. Fraggles. Even Spaceghost (big fan here).

I told my roommate that I'd just go with my Nativity Scene again. We're celebrating the birth of Jesus, not the success of Spongebob. ha ha ha

So yeah...I'd put a big cross on my lawn.