The Comforter

The Comforter

I have found it a great encouragement in my own spiritual life to study the words that are translated from the Greek word for the Holy Spirit which transliterates to Parakaleo. One who comes alongside.

I have noticed in the Christian Church over the past decade how lacking we are in coming alongside our fellow Christians, not only to comfort, but to encourage.

Do we remember always to encourage the preacher for the preaching of the Word. Do we remember to encourage the person who makes sure the Church is warm for us on Sunday. Do we remember to encourage the young person taking part for the first time in the worship. Do we remember to encourage those who welcome us into Church on Sunday.

I would suggest that in these ways, and many more that I am sure you can think of, we come alongside and encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ, in some small way as The Comforter comes alongside and encourages each one of us in the Christian pathway.

May I encourage everyone with a smile. :)

God bless you all as we learn together


Amen. The Holy Spirit is indeed our Paraclete or the One who walks beside us. In His love and power we are to indeed edify each other and encourage each other in the Lord. It is in His power and at His lead we can walk in God's perfect will for our lives which is to love one another even as He has loved us.