The coming age of the chimera

Science wants to break down the fence between man and beast...

Interesting how this author states his conclusion:

Human progress is limited only by the boundaries of the human imagination [Genesis 11:6, added by Abdicate], and ours is an age when limits are routinely broken. The production of chimeras — animals that we can walk with and talk to — may be on the way, perhaps to a wedding chapel. The idea of a man marrying a man would have seemed no less improbable to earlier generations. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?​

Why is this amazing? If man can do in just under 70 years with two generations, then you can understand what someone could do who lived 800 years, Genesis 6:11-12! With the same birth rate as today applied to the times from Adam to Noah, it's estimated that the earth had 10 billion people on it with far more advanced technology than we do today as is evident in the mega-monoliths around the world that baffle scientists and engineers. Everyday, God's word is proven - even to the saints!