the cross,

Apr 18, 2009
Metro Manila
the cross,

Where were you? when they nailed Him on that tree,
His body bloody, bruised and broken,
Were you there? did you see Him?
He hung there full of your sin.

On His head, a crown made of thorn,
His body all riped about and torn,
Did you look away in despair,
Wher were you when they hung Him there.

Did you recognise His battered face,
He did this to give you Grace,
Do you live your life full of strife?
He died and rose again to give you new life.

One beam horizontal,
One beam vertical,
One reaches out- like God's love,
One reaches up- as God's holiness.

One represents the width of His love,
One reflects the height of His Holiness,
The cross is where God forgave His children.

The Father will reward Him wiht honor and power,
God the Father You gave us Your Son,
And thro Him the victory has been won,
Do you have Him in your heart at this hour.
ramon 8/3/08