The Devil down the road (story)

The once lived an man who walked down an dark forest road, now despite warnings from other people that the devil was down that road the man presisted and continued down that long and terrorible road, so one day He say an path in the road that splintered off into differnt paths. One path went deeper into the dark wood where no sun light would shine through but one road lead down an road with sunlight further down, before the man took a step the devil came up an spoke."Hy fallow me,I know the way out of this mess fine sir but all you need to do is trust in me." however an other man rather shaby looking man came up and warned him again."Sir, don't lesson to that one, he's been known to cause trouble in these here parts, you Go down this road here with the sun light and keep moving forward and trust in the all living God and you'll be safe and sound at the end, but if you go down that road you'll only find darkness."

The man looked behind him and saw that he couldn't go back only left or right so the man inquired."Do I only have to choose one road and stick with it the rest of the way or can I turn around and choose another path." The devil looked at him with annoyed looked and replied."No, you may only choose one road, and sir if you don't go down my road i sware i'll be an thorn in your side the rest of the way." The shaby man and replied."You may turn around and go another way but why would you? you can see the sunlight up head can you; all you need to do is trust and move forward and i promise you won't regreat it." So the man went down the long road with the sunlight, however with each step he took the devil attacked the poor man, first he took his clothes and tore them, his money, his looks. Finally the poor man was without anything just barely alive when finally daylight broke and he was out of the woods however when he looked back at the shaby man, he saw.

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