"The Exodus Case" by Lennart Moller

I am only about 1/4 the way through this book: AMAZING! If you need a kick start in your faith and like to see PROOF that the Bible is true; this is a book for you. There is so much information in this book you could spend weeks/ months researching just one page of this book.

We need more books like this taught to our children who are pummeled daily with evolutionary theory cultural indoctrination. (Read: 2 Peter)

Thank you Missy for this book.
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Youtube has videos of Mr. Moller.

The bible story of the exodus names 50 locations and we only know where three of them are. At the Nuweiba site there are remains of chariots, but the water is half a mile deep there. The parting of the waters is carefully described, allowing a simulation presented here:

This effect is well known. it is called "storm surge" or "setdown" and can work on water up to 32 feet deep. Also required is a finger of land pointing east. Nuweiba fails both requirements.

"Reed Sea" is also mentioned, which is the location used in the simulation, but that is silly because it does not take the people out of Egypt. They would still have all of Sinai Peninsula to cross.

A map prepared by Steve Rudd, published at www.bible.ca suggests a crossing at the Straits of Tiran. The water is only 80 feet deep there and it is believable that sea level might have been 50 feet lower in those days. But we have no evidence to support that or any other route.

All in all, this is a fascinating story to research.

BTW we know the exodus took place because Mr. David Rohl has excavated Joseph's house in Goshen and found his empty tomb. The Israelites carried his bones to the promised land and that is where they still rest.