The Fathers Intention, Part 2

It seems strange to me that any human would question God at anytime on anything. But since all humans have been processed with Adams nature at their natural birthing, there is little wonder that humans would question God's knowledge. Stranger still are the born-again believers that constantly question God.

They still have not come to the revelation that they no longer live, Christ lives in them, Galatians 2:20.

It is a proven fact that believers who do not have a knowledge that Christ is their life are always questioning something. They question what God is doing outside of them and they question what God is doing inside of them.

Because believers have been denied the apostle Paul's final gospel which alone spells out what God's intention is for them and what is His intention in the world. People who edit and print new translations of the Bible are the most ignorant of God's original intention. They have cut out of their new translations most of the facts that have to do with the father's original intention.

They have cut out "in Christ" statements. They have cut out the word "perfect" where Paul refers to the believer who has Christ and him as being perfect to God in spirit. These omissions are all aimed at the plan of God that calls for His offspring to have His nature in them. It is for this reason that we (I have a mouse in my pocket) like to stick to the old King James version of the Scriptures. We feel like it has been less messed with by modern religion and presents less of its translators agenda.

In the plan of God, it is never Gods intention just to save sinners for the Baptist, or Methodist, or Catholic or Penecostal doctrines. It is His intention to save them for His House and family in heaven. By the time religious groups spell out what is necessary to be one of them in fellowship or join their church, you will need a new Bible just to understand what they are doing. Of course, what the father is doing gets lost in all this.

His eternal intention to have His own family is lost to people building their own doctrines and their own buildings. But the worst part of all this is what is happening to the hungry believer wanting to know God in a way that the Holy Spirit is teaching him. He is denied Gods intention for his life trying to be a good Baptist, or Penecostal, or what not. Gods intention for the human life is clearly spelled out in Paul's epistles. When mankind starts changing anything that Paul teaches, especially the teaching he received directly from Christ by revelation, you will have what we have now in religion.

You now have everybody believing their own thing, ignoring the Christ who gave Paul the final gospel. The fact is that modern religion cannot operate according to the one man, Paul, who said "follow me as I follow Christ." Their entire structure is contrary to the final Gospel. They would have to start all over, and only God, their father, could work this out.

Most do not have the ability to work this out, so God is not in the business of changing denominations, He is in the business of bringing offspring that He has already birthed to the fullness of the Christ who lives in them. His desire is for his own children, not the structures of man made religion.