The feeding of the ducks .


While in St James park in central London the other day as I often am . I was feeding the ducks who are numerous and it seems always hungry . Having quite a lot of bread ,I fed them from the pushy geese to the shy little ducks to the squawking seabirds catching the bread as I threw it up in the air . But as always as soon as ran out of bread so too their friendship and though for a little while they followed me down the side of the lake .They soon stopped.
I had done this quite a number of times when I was reminded of the words of the Lord recorded in John 6. "labour not for the meat that perisheth , but for that meat that endureth unto everlasting life .........27.
For the context was after the feeding of the 5000.
25 "and when they had found Him on the other side of the s hither ?ea, they said unto him ,Rabbi when camest thou hither ?
Jesus replied or answered and said unto them,Verily or truly I say un to you ,Ye seek me ,not because you saw the miracles , but because ye did eat of the loaves and were filled " 26
The ducks only follow you because they want the bread .
So too do people who follow Jesus .
They want the bread and even the miracles .But the living word they have no appetite for .

When John the Baptist said "behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world" John 1:36
an d two of the disciples heard him and began to follow Jesus and he turned and said unto them "what seek ye"? and they replied Rabbi where dwelest thou ?
He said "come and see"
It seems that all men want to know the whys and the wherefores before they can .
They wanted to know where he came from or dwelt more than where he was going when they followed him .
If they wanted to know from whence he came and to where he was going they would have to follow him.
In very truth it was not until the last supper did they really know and understand in some measure at least where he came from that he came from and where he was going.

in Christ