The Flames of Molech

The Flames of Molech

Based on Leviticus 18,20:

Who fans the fires of Molech
How can we, our progeny, protect?

While the fires of Molech consume our neighbor’s seed.
Perhaps we should reflect on why our neighbor feels the need.

Why would anyone throw their children to the flames?
All of society that allows – no encourages – this it shames.

There are many forms, direct and subtle that this encouragement takes place.
For example, our worship of escapism or idolatrous servitude of the rat-race.

A damnable choice is now thrust upon our expectant mothers.
But how can society persist when the maternal hearth it smothers.

The sirens sing “Live your life, there is so much to do and discover.
Don’t worry it won’t take long until your bodies recover.”

Is a young life of hedonism or single solitude so great?
That we recommend it to each other instead of having a family with a mate.

Wouldn’t a better lesson be respect, love, responsibility, and planning within the sanctity of marriage
Than selfish, dangerous and abominable sexual methods, and paranoia of the baby carriage?

This desperate act is brought on too by a regrettable or disrespectful childhood home.
No wonder that we shun the family when we see parents that would rather fight or roam.

“Ohhh. Don’t get married or have a child, it’s a betrayal of your future, youth, and friends.
Wouldn’t you rather spend each night partying and discovering the latest trends? ”

As friends and partners we need to applaud and respect parental happiness and responsibility
Encourage and help our confidants and spouses to the best or our ability.

For how hypocritical, snobbish, and selfish is the thought that a child’s life must be forfeit,
To sate the craving for attention and control. Narcissism and love make a very poor fit.

“How can you, How can I, How can we afford to have this child? ” we ask.
Backward priorities, sloth, greed, and lust for sin: the values this passive-aggressive question mask.

As individuals and as a society we have chosen to prefer and kindle our luxury-urges.
What a poor bargain for every little face and hand is worth a thousand e-bay splurges.

Clever marketers cause us to throw away our time and our monies.
When both are better spent at home in happy peaceful moments with our little ‘honeys.’

‘Tis a pity we’re deaf to their call, for no ad-man on this Earth has a catchier turn of phase.
Than a chuckling little two year old giving mama and papa loving praise.

There is not an activist or actor, not a singer or poet who can truly capture.
The happiness brought while holding and teaching a child: it is the gift of parental rapture.

What perverted torture: “But you’re too young to get married”
Encouraging sex and damning marriage – the sacrament is in the ground with baby buried.

Still, it can be an ominous, uncertain chasm; a wake-up to reality for our pampered teens.
If we can’t demonstrate an attractive and viable path of earning life’s basic means.

We must remove the illusion of hopelessness of parenthood and marriage for those who choose to mate.
If we hope to make rare the desire to abort and, our progeny, in Molech’s fires immolate.

Is a finished degree always so pressing? For many - just wasted escapist years, in dorm, frat house, and sorority.
Bootstrapped learners, yes, hard working earners, beat many of the rootless green twigs grown at university.

Employers, there is real value in young apprentice-parents: honest and earnest employees.
Let us give them a chance encouraging and enabling them to, over time, earn practical degrees.

Why do we persist the falsehood of ‘Entrapment, ’ a vain and derelict concept?
With love and intimacy come responsibility, if we cannot impart this, we are indeed inept.

How great are the flames of Molech, how high have they climbed.
All the despots and all the war mongers of the last 200 years combined,

Have shed less blood than Roe V. Wade, and her foreign kin in the last forty years.
Over a billion babies culled by the scalpel – how many billion tears?

Though some seek the courts and governments for a single solitary great fix.
Without societal change we will remain the generation of vipers, stinging and poisoning the matrix.

‘But we will do it anyway, with unsafe procedure’ is the back-alley creed.
Alas, society and our hearts must change in many ways, or the womb will forever bleed.
May the end of Days come for the needed change.
As we are a drop in a suffering sea

Thanks Dan

God bless