the future of food

the future of food

For anybody interested in what is going on with the worlds food supply / agriculture - or for those who are growing much of their families food - I highly reccomend the documentary "The Future of Food". Details history of modern agriculture, pesticide use and genetic engineering effects on biological systems. Very eye opening! I am not affiliated with this website in any way but found it very informative. I am now gardening strictly with heirloom varieties and saving my own seed. Clips and interviews can be found by search engine "the future of food".
I haven't watched that yet, but I hear we're heading towards 3-4 major food suppliers, on of which will be Wal-Mart. Organic food costs 1/3 more because their companies aren't big enough to qualify for the tax-break. Trans-fats are only one molecule away from plastic food shelf-life is greatly increased. Your body doesn't know what to do with it; it doesn't recognize it. It can't use it, it can't get rid of it, so it just stores it. Some believe they cluster together as host cells, and cancer holds up in 'em. Now the FDA allows anything under 0.5 mg per serving to be advertized as 'zero,' without reporting it. So, if the food contains anything hydrogegnated, fully or partially, it contains trans fats. I believe if the ingreedient list contains anything hydrolyzied, it doesn't become a trans fat until it attaches to a protein in your body, hence it's not a trans-fat in the box. It's like ephedrine, people knew this was bad but people were buying it for a long time, and nothing gets done until public awarness is so great they have no choice. Theres stuff just as bad as ephedrine still being used as energy fuel. And Mc.D's likes us to have their fries just like they are. Also, MSG's are an exito-toxin that 'enhance' the flavor of food. Everyone will have a bad reaction to this at a certain point, as tolerances vary. I've heard of diahareah and migrains being possible side-effects.
That sounds about right

This documentary does not go into much regarding "processing" of foods or the effects of "additives" as you have described - it does detail the history of the industrialization of agrigulture, chemical use on crops and genetic engineering & effects on biological systems such as "people" and the enviornment in general. What becomes very clear is that there has been a very deliberate effort (successfully) to completely eradicate the naturally occurring varieties of our plant food sources and replace these with genetically modified varieties which have a negative effect on our enviornment and as yet unknown effects or risk to human and animal health. Over 70% of the worlds plant based food varieties have become extinct over the last 20 years and chemical companies now essentialy own the worlds agriculture. It all boils down to greed. There is far more info in this documentary than I could even begin to go into here (historical timeline, science behind concerns, changes in laws, etc).

Throughout history people have been able to take for granted that the food that grows on our planet will always be here - it is a gift from God - that if we want to grow a plant we can take the seeds from that plant and produce another one... things are changing. Companies that control this industry are working hard to be sure that we will need to come to them for our seed - for our food. That there will not be another option. Also, that the seed or products we obtain are not even the same thing (genetically) that was originally intended and the enviornmental implications for fooling around with nature in such a way has not yet been determined. There have already been many warnings and close calls that should tell us this is not something to mess around with.
In 1983 we had the privelege of 50 independant news media companies, today we have five. While people in China know they are censored, we don't. We can really only get the whole picture if we also take in other countries media, or freespeech networks, money in one hand, power in the other. You don't even have to blatently lie to an audience anymore-just stress some key words and issues, show one view of a story on one network, another slant on another network, and completely leave out left-field, and you have created an incomplete picture. There has always been a HUGE struggle between the government and media, from trying to control it, to try and take awat the nation's record button in the name of copyright protection. Ironically, the worst enemy to freespeech was the t.v. itself. People would rather be entertained all night with their favorite shows, and have no attention span nor time for truth. We have accepted spoonfed local stories and are prompted to click a button rather than try to solve the world's problems anyway. We have a collective attitude that says, 'I can't do anything about it anyway, so why do I even want to know.' We have been complacent, when that happens, and when people would rather trade rights for an illusion of saftey, you start to give your freedom away and it gets turned into more control. Interestingly, in Jan. 2007 the Iraq war made up 28% of U.S. media, after loss in popularity, one year later it accounted for 2%.
Thank you for posting this link - another example of complete corruption and corporate greed at the expense of our health. Monsanto is covered in great detail on "the future of food" documentary as well. They seem to be behind most of the changes in our agriculture.... and of course I have never seen anything about this on the "news".