The Garden of God

The Garden of God

We [God's Children] are like the garden of God.

In the flower store, we sit and wait.
We yearn to stretch our roots, to feel the sun on our faces, and to bloom like tiny jewels when in season.

God is our -

- SUNLIGHT FOR NOURISHMENT - In all His bright and shining glory He nourishes us with the right amount of vitamins and warmth. His sunlight helps us sprout our roots and need blooms of leaves and flowers, our works for Him.

- WATER TO QUENCH OUR THIRST - Some people need more Water than others. God is our Water as He rains enough on us, and never more than what we can take. He never drowns us and He never gives one drop then leaves. This water gives us the strength to grow.

- AIR TO BREATHE - God gives us fresh air to breathe. We take in the air and cleanse it. As Children of God we are the oxygen, the cleaners. We make the air better for others to breathe. We cleanse all the impurities of the world with this air.

When we work for God and put our faith and trust in Him, we bloom bright and beautiful. God is our gardener, our Sun, and our Air, and our Water. He gives us what we need and the right amount for it.

When we bloom, we all bloom good fruits, or beautiful flowers. Each flower is bright, is seen from afar, and is always turned towards God.

We are the flowers of God. We have many duties on this Earth. All of them are different. But God is always there by our sides. He feeds and nurtures us. He watches over us and protects us.

So, when you think about it, do you see what I am trying to say? :) I am showing us, the workers of God, or the flowers of God, blooming for our Father in Heaven as we make the world a beautiful, brighter, happier place. Even though we get weeds and people trying to trample us, we always grow back!!

God bless you all...


I like it Nearer.... Thanks for posting it