the great event ( part 2)

the great event ( part 2)

The serpent now visiting his best friend the dinosaur and was telling him the whole story about what she said to the phoenix, so the snake advised him to be away from the scene in that day. The serpiginous idea pleased him, so he appreciated the subtle of the python and he thanked her “you are good deceiverâ€
“You are smart jailer†– the snake answered.

Then the phoenix went out to the zoo with great zeal and with her peak broke the entire door to the beasts (lions, tigers, bear etc…) but he forgot to open the cages for the love birds.

The serpent which is now hid in her burrow in secret place is giggle and some time is snicker because she knew what will happen.
The fox killed the deer, the lion killed the fox, the ostrich fled from the wolf and she hid her head in the soil, but the wolf follows her and hunts her though. The pigs went out and rolled themselves in the mire and the dog said to himself “it is better for me to return to my own vomit in the jailâ€. The whales when they saw the mass destruction from the ocean they decided to suicides themselves beside the beach because they thought there is no meaning for this life. There is no hope, no peace and there is no love in this forest, the fight wasn’t stop.

Now out side the hedge there is a meek, unique lamb watching the desperate situation the whining, groaning, the suffering and the death of goodly and ungodly animals, he decided willingly to rescue the rest, so he cross through the hedgehogs and his skin tore due to the spine of it. And he fasten his head looking for the snake, then when he saw her he jumped on her head to smash it, she started to die but she also bite him from his ankle so he died.

Suddenly the fight was stopped, the chain cages of the love birds’ jail broke, and the love birds immigrate to another country singing songs of love, peace and freedom. Many saw what happened yet no one remember that lamb. One of the survival and rescue also was small ant which survives from ant eater and she was asking her grandmother “why they hate us?†“Why there was hostility between the different kinds of animals?†The wisdom ant answered …………….

Now the phoenix and his to friend fled away from the forest discussing “why we thought that the serpent was spoke well to us�
“Why we couldn’t believe that the lamb killed the snake?†he gave us the true peace, true love and true freedom and that is mean he win the battle isn’t?

The dove said “the freedom without peace means anarchyâ€
The lark said “freedom with evil nature is not fun but destructionsâ€.

Finally the phoenix said “the peace come only if you know who loves you truly and how want to give you the new nature to enjoy the true freedom. Now we found the mystery and should tell what was done.